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Top 5 affordable cv resume templates 2017

Top 5 Affordable Resume Templates to Help you Stand Out from the Crowd (2017)

Are you looking for professional, well designed resume templates to help you stand out from the crowd and get yourself that Job that you’ve always wanted ?

But why pay for resumes/cv’s

While there may be millions of resume/cv templates on the internet, every tom, dick and harry uses this and there is a high chance that any resume or cv template you download has been used hundreds if not thousands of time.

While resume templates may cost a few dollars, the advantage is that they are:

  • Well designed
  • Easy to use
  • Professionally organized
  • Ready to print

Without much further ado, lets check out the Top 5 Most Affordable Resume/CV Templates (Less than $10) guaranteed to help you STAND OUT from the Crowd

These Resumes/CVs are most available in Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Adobe Indesign – so whichever application you are using, you are guaranteed to have a compatible file.

1. Swiss Resume/CV Template


Resume/CV – Swiss Miss

By: ilopqda , Created: January 25, 2011 , Latest update: 2 weeks ago


11,823 Sales

2. Clean Resume/CV

Clean Resume/CV

By: th_studio , Created: April 29, 2015 , Latest update: 9 months ago


7,639 Sales

3. Professional Resume/CV

Professional Resume/CV

By: bilmaw , Created: March 12, 2012 , Latest update: 4 years ago


5,157 Sales

4. Resume CV

Resume CV

By: sabin_vp , Created: April 7, 2014 , Latest update: 2 years ago


1,846 Sales

5. The Resume

The Resume

By: CodePower , Created: August 9, 2014 , Latest update: 3 years ago


1,749 Sales


Have fun with these Templates and create a good Resume/CV so you can land the Job you’ve always desired.



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